Specialist Research

Dedicated Research Service

As well as the country report service, WWCP also offers a dedicated research service for clients.

Under this service, we research information targeted to the client’s specific requirements. Initially, the focus is on ensuring we are asking the appropriate questions to identify a client’s requirements in sufficient detail. We then create a template which ensures the same level of information is provided for all contracted countries. Information is delivered in a format agreed with the client,
typically as a word document for internal use, although it can be provided to customers

As with the WWCP country database, we cover over 190 countries. Our researchers leverage their experience and regulatory contacts to answer specific questions posed by our clients. Recent contracts have included research for a bank to establish the restrictions on whether it is permitted to offer “Payments on Behalf of” services and research for a payments company on how to make payroll, tax and social security payments into multiple countries.

As with our country profile service, WWCP will update dedicated research on a regular basis.

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