Country Profiles

Country Profiles Research Service

WWCP’s core business is researching and providing country specific information to banks and other service providers. The information is attributed to our clients and is delivered in a variety of ways: as a published book, as individual hard copy brochures, as designed PDF documents or as data available for uploading to intranets or for use in internally produced marketing materials.

The country information can meet a range of clients’ needs. It can be provided to customers and prospects in the form of country reports and data can be extracted for use in RFP responses. The information can also be used for any internal purpose, such as training and sales support.

The WWCP country database covers over 190 countries. It includes data relevant to treasury and finance professionals ranging from the use of domestic payments to tax and accounting rules. We work with each client to create a country report template which incorporates all the information they require. No two clients’ country reports are alike in either content or design.

In addition to the initial research, WWCP provides a regular update service. This can be organized on a quarterly, biannual or annual update cycle.

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